Bleaching Treatment for Discoloured Teeth

Discoloration of the front teeth is a cosmetic problem that will often require corrective measures. Although restorative methods such as crowns and veneers are available, discoloration can often be successfully corrected by bleaching.

Teeth can be discolored due to the following reasons:

  • Traumatic injury to a tooth.
  • Root canal-treated tooth.
  • Orthodontic movement (not often).
  • Age-related discoloration.
  • Restoration-related discoloration.
  • Drug-related defects.

What is Internal Bleaching?

Discoloration can occur in injured and infected teeth, as well as once endodontic treatment is complete. When this occurs, a bleaching agent is used to internally bleach the tooth. In most cases this procedure can resolve your tooth’s discoloration. Successful results can be achieved within a week of initiating treatment, however, the procedure may need to be repeated a few times until the desired result is obtained.

photo of front upper teeth before tooth bleachingphoto of front upper teeth after tooth bleaching

It is important to note that not all discolorations can be successfully treated with internal bleaching. Please consult with the endodontist directly regarding the expected outcome in your particular case.