VanEndo Lectures & study Clubs

  • Dr. Park: Pacific Endodontic Hands-On, North Vancouver – Active 
  • Dr. Park: Connect Four Study Club, Richmond – Active
  • Dr. Park: Everyday Dentistry Study Club for Women, Vancouver – Active
  • Dr. Ektefaie: Chemomechanical Preparation of Root Canal System, PDC 2018 – Concluded.
  • Dr. Ektefaie: Radiographic Interpretation: an Endodontic Point of View, PDC 2017 – Concluded.
  • Dr. Ektefaie: Contemporary Shaping of the Root Canal System, PDC 2015 – Concluded.
  • Dr. Ektefaie: Essence of Endodontics Study Club, Vancouver – Not currently offered.
  • Dr. Ektefaie: Endodontic Troubleshooting: Review of Cases, Vancouver – Not currently offered.

(Last updated: May 2018)